Lighting at 7000 feet – by Craig Mitchelldyer

Portland-based freelance photographer Craig Mitchelldyer held a lighting workshop 7,000 feet up on the face of Mt. Hood.

Yesterday I held the “Lighting at 7000 feet” workshop high on Mt. Hood at the Silcox Hut. It was a ton of fun. The weather was sunny, then snowing, then foggy, then white out blizzard, then sunny again as the sun set and we were above the clouds. So amazing. Everyone made some great photos, I will get to posting those a bit later. I think everybody walked away having learned a thing or two about light and hopefully had a great time in one of the most amazing locations in the world. Above is my favorite photo from the day, shot during one of the foggy/snowy periods of the day with a 5D Mark II and a beauty dish on a 24mm lens.

Check it out over at Craig’s blog!

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