Monthly Archives: April 2010

On Model Releases – by Matt Slaby


Based in Denver, freelance photographer/attorney and founding member of Luceo Images Matt Slaby talks about the merits and importance of model releases in his column, “Legal Left, Meet Creative Right”.

The Photography Blog Handbook – by Allen Murabayashi


A MUST READ!! Allen Murabayashi, CEO of PhotoShelter, put together a wonderful and downloadable kit full of research and analysis about how you can maximize your photography blog as a marketing tool.

Spotted Bat – by Michael Durham

spotted bat

Portland based nature photographer Michael Durham took some very cool photos of the Spotted Bat, or Euderma Maculatum for you science geeks.

A Day in the Life of a Neurosurgeon – by Paul Emberger

brain surgery

Pennsylvania-based freelance Paul Emberger shares his day-in-the-life experience with renowned Neurosurgeon, Dr. Jonas Sheehan of Penn State/Milton Hershey Medical Center.

Snowkiting – by Isaiah Downing


Isaiah Downing lives and works out of his truck driving all over North America photograph non-mainstream action sports and recently shot snowkiting in Idaho.

High Impact Off Road Racing – by Mark J. Rebilas


Phoenix-based sports photographer Mark J. Rebilas photographed high impact off road racing in Surprise, Arizona.

Ground Pollution – by Carlos Lopez Ramos


Based in Czech Republic, fine art photographer Carlos Lopez Ramos has been working on a personal project on ground pollution that is a compilation of abstract images he took of the ground.

40 Lashes for her own 16th Birthday – by Melissa Golden


DC- based freelancer Melissa Golden photographed swimsuit designer Tala Raassi, who received 40 lashes as punishment for wearing a miniskirt to her 16th birthday party in her native Iran.

Lighting at 7000 feet – by Craig Mitchelldyer


VIDEO – Portland-based freelance photographer Craig Mitchelldyer held a lighting workshop 7,000 feet up on the face of Mt. Hood.

A Thin Line – by Danny Ghitis


New York-based photographer and co-founder of Pangea, Danny Ghitis, recently traveled to Poland to photograph the mourning of President Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria who died in a plane crash with 94 others on their way to a memorial service in Russia.