Corruption In Photography – by BP Miller

RIP card

Photographer BP Miller discusses the worst kind of corruption for photographers.

Business Boundaries – Some Things Are Better Left Un-Texted – by BP Miller


Photographer BP Miller is tired of the digital leash.

Shooting Fleet Week New York in Panoramic – by C.S. Muncy

Fleet Week

C.S. Muncy used his Hasselblad X-Pan cameras to photograph the Sailors and Marines taking part in Fleet Week New York.

Adorama Inspire

Adorama Inspire

Adorama is officially kicking off a week-long series of hands-on workshops, classes, photo walks, panels, and more, starting June 25th.

‘We Are Family’ Photobook – by Cassi Alexandra


Cassi Alexandra has launched a Kickstarter to fund her project on the Orlando LGBTQ+ community, which cultivates healing through the power of storytelling.

Tenba Cooper Backpack Review – by Chuy Gutierrez

Tenba Cooper

Chuy Gutierrez spent the last couple weeks using the new Tenba Cooper Backpack in both sizes and gives his two cents in this Photo Brigade video review.

BenQ SW320 4K Photography Monitor Review – by David Bergman

BenQ SW320

Tour photographer David Bergman reviews an inexpensive computer monitor that can actually help increase your productivity!

X-Rite i1Studio Overview – by Chuy Gutierrez

x-rite iStudio

Color accuracy is an important aspect for any photographer or filmmaker, and Chuy Gutierrez walks us through the many functions of the X-rite i1Studio, from monitor calibration, custom printer and paper profiling, to ambient light reading in your workspace. Learn all about this great product!

Polaroid LED Flexible Light Panel Review – by C.S. Muncy

Polaroid Flex

Photographer C.S. Muncy reviews the Polaroid LED Flexible Light Panel.

Replacing the Leatherette on Your Cameras – by C.S. Muncy

Replacing Leatherette

Photographer C.S. Muncy replaced the cracked, dry leatherette of an old rangefinder camera and explains the process.